Here at O’Brien Studios, I take commitment and dedication to improving your voice very seriously. I have been fortunate enough to have an eager waiting list for over a year, and I am able to offer one or two slots at random, when they open up. I chose students who are ready to dive in and be a great performers. Is that you? Monthly tuition rates are compatible to tutoring and lesson rates in Iowa City, and University of Iowa classroom rates. This is an educational field, so I expect my students to respect every lesson like you would a classroom setting. Students and/or parents will be expected to sign a tuition contract that will allow them to hold their lesson slot each week for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks. One make-up lesson is allowed within each 4 week session due to sickness, scheduled vacation, work conflicts or emergencies. Skipping a lesson does not constitute a make-up lesson. Those who chose 12 weeks of lessons will be eligible for a monthly price reduction.

Tuition Rates: *Due to high demand, prices were raised beginning September 1, 2015

One Weekly 45 minute lesson for 4 weeks $180 (discount included with 12 week contract)

One Weekly 60 minute lesson for 4 weeks $240 (discount included with 12 week contract)

Lesson time suggestions: Younger students and beginners may want to chose the shorter 30 minute time slots, however I find that the 45 minute lessons are an ideal time for middle school/ intermediate singers. For those of you who are looking to major in voice in college, or are at a competitive and serious level, along with those who are traveling from out of town, I would suggest the full 60 minutes.

Base Rate: $60/hour

Please email me at with any questions.

*Voice/Vocal/Music Lessons, Iowa City*

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